OncoSil Medical is an innovative Australian medical technology company focused on interventional oncology. They’re passionate about improving outcomes for people with cancer. OncoSil believe it’s time to change the conversation around cancers with poor prognoses and transform the approach to their treatment.

OncoSil’s first priority is pancreatic cancer. For 40 years the prognosis for this condition has remained almost unchanged. Less than 8% of patients with pancreatic cancer survive five years. The statistics have left patients and doctors little room for hope. Until now.

OncoSil™ is OncoSil Medical’s breakthrough brachytherapy device. Unlike conventional external beam radiation therapy, OncoSil™ uses a targeted approach to deliver a calculated dose of radiation directly into the tumour. It enables doctors to target a greater radiation dose directly to the tumour, while sparing surrounding critical organs. The OncoSil™ device is intended to be used in conjunction with chemotherapy.

As Nukleon, we serve as the exclusive distributor of Oncosil Medical in the Turkish market.

For more information, you can visit the link www.oncosil.com

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