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OncoSil™ System (P-32 Microparticles)

OncoSil™ is a breakthrough brachytherapy device for the treatment of unresectable
locally advanced pancreatic cancer in combination with gemcitabine-based chemotherapy. OncoSil™ is a single-use brachytherapy device comprising phosphorous-32 (32P) Microparticles suspended in a specially formulated Diluent. For OncoSil™ implantation, the tumour is accessed by ultrasound guided endoscopy and the microparticles remain in the tumour permanently. The OncoSil™ suspension, containing a pre-determined activity of radiation, is injected directly into the tumour. The absorbed radiation dose is equivalent to 100 Gy at implantation. After the implantation, microparticle localization is confirmed by SPECT-CT Bremsstrahlung imaging.

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