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(18F) Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG)

Trade Name : FLORON G 1733 MBq/mL I.V Vial with Injectible Solution
Nature of packaging and its content Type I colourless glass vial closed with butyl rubber stopper sealed by an Aluminum cap stored in a Tungsten shield.
A vial contains maximum 10 ml of injectable solution corresponding to 1733 MBq/ml effective concentration
Chemical Form (18F)Fluorodeoxyglucose solution
Pharmaceutical Form Injectible solution
Radioactive Concentration 1733 MBq/ml at calibration date and time
Shelf Life 12 hours from date and time of end of synthesis
Radiochemical Purity : Min. 95%
Storage : The product should be stored below 25°C in its original packaging.
Indication Only diagnostic purposes
: (18F)FDG is used with only diagnostic purposes in the cases due to abnormal glucose metabolism in human body by monitoring with PET scanner
Production date : Every day expect Sunday
Order duration : Up to 16:00, one day before the scheduled day of use
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