Our main goal, as Nukleon Nuclear Technology Research Ind. Co. Ltd, is to contribute building a healthy society by carrying out manufacturing operations in accordance with the national and international regulations and standards.

In “Nuclear Medicine” field; while maintaining our activities through a safe, high quality and innovative production and service approach, our main policy which aims to add value to all our customers, consists of the following principles;

  • To work with a customer-oriented approach and to increase the satisfaction of our customers continuously,
  • To develop communication channels with our customers and to provide error-free management of this communication,
  • To ensure the establishment and execution of required processes in order to provide nonstop and accurate reliable services on time,
  • To comply with the national and international authorities’ regulations and legal legislations,
  • To ensure the continuity of infrastructure, production and service by using resources effectively and efficiently,
  • To reach assigned goals with respect to main objectives and policies.
  • To carry out activities to increase the performance and satisfaction of our employees.
  • To use modern and cutting-edge methods, technologies, information and management systems.
  • In order to maintain Process Analysis and Development Projects as an important element of the company culture, we are committed to provide customer requirements by managing our activities in parallel with the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.


We, as Nukleon Nuclear Technology Research Ind. Co. Ltd., while carrying out the production and service activities with an innovative and proactive management approach, take occupational health and safety management system into account as an integral part of our working culture. We interpret the creation of a safe and healthy work environment as a tool for improving our social and cultural structure. Accordingly, we adopt the following principles;

  • To identify and control the hazards that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the working environment,
  • To eliminate health and safety risks or to reduce them to acceptable levels,
  • To comply with the national and international legislations and regulations,
  • To raise the working standards to the upper levels within the framework of occupational health and safety rules,
  • And finally, we are committed to develop and improve the Occupational Health and Safety system by integrating it into all of our processes and by organizing training activities in order to develop occupational health and safety awareness.


As Nukleon Nuclear Technology Research Ind. Co. Ltd, we take and implement all required measures within the framework of sustainable development approach in order to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities.

Having a sense of social responsibility, we comply with the national and international legislations and regulations, within an environmental management system based on durable development;

  • Conscious and efficient use of energy and natural resources,
  • As a first priority, to reduce and recycle the wastes generated during production activities,
  • Disposal of non-recyclable waste within the framework of national waste management rules,
  • To review and improve the environmental management system continuously by integrating it into other management practices,
  • We are committed to increase the awareness of our employees to protect the environment and to increase their responsibility of leaving a clean and healthy environment to future generations.
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